• Experibuddies


    EXPERIBUDDIES is offered as an optional extra held after school , it is a fun and interactive lesson teaching kids all about science. Kids enjoy learning about some cool facts and then taking an experiment home to show their parents.


  • Playball classes

    Playball classes

    Playball classes take place on a Wednesday for all Parrot and Treefrog children.

    Playball offers a multi-skill programme of sports activities, fundamental movement skills and games for children age 2- 8. The programmes are age specific and the curriculums follow a progressive pathway from the basic building blocks of jumping, throwing, rolling, hitting, catching, kicking to learning a variety of sports skills, to having fun with mini games of tennis, hockey, cricket, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball and much more!

    The action-packed lessons will immerse your child in fun, age appropriate, high quality games and activities, ensuring that they have a positive experience and enjoy every minute of being physically active!

    Playball children engage in activities which promote a positive self image, encourage persistence and strengthen the desire to want to challenge oneself. The continous scientific study behind Playball shows that the type of activities the children take part in accelerate the neural pathway development between the brain and the body. This has a marked impact on how children will perform cognitively as well as physically at school.


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